marți, 9 februarie 2010

Jennifer`s body

It is a a blck comedy horror film ...The film stars are Megan Fox; Amanda Seyfried; Adam Symson
The film tells the story of teenager Jennifer
and Neddy her best friend....

Like you already saw Jennifer is ridicously hot but nobody is good enough for her.... One night Jennifer tajes Needy to a bar to see the rock band Low Shoulder. The band takes Jennifer to their van and they disappear. Next day everithing goes good but Neddy fears the worst. And shee`s right Jennifer was turned into a demon who has to eat boys in order to mantain her hotness... At the end Needy discover everithing and she kill Jennifer But not before Jennifer killed her boyfriend Cip....Needy goes to the jail and when she escaped she killed all from the band Low Shoulder....

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